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Tasting Room

The Craftman House

To be here is to experience being part of the family. So we welcome you into the winery’s newly constructed Craftsman house, where you’ll find our tasting room. Our tasting room is consistently recognized by wine tasters, and aficionados across the board, and we like to think it’s because we put our focus on you, wine, and fun. We want guests to feel like they’ve discovered something very special and very real, and being here is both. Because many of our wines are also tasting room-only, a visit to our estate includes exclusive offerings, set in a casual, welcoming, and relaxed atmosphere.

Do you hand-pick all of your grapes?

Do we hand-pick all of your grapes?

A common question asked by visitors is our method of harvest: “Do you hand-pick all of your grapes?” They are often surprised to hear that we certainly do. Our focus is on producing an intimately hand crafted wine. From the moment the vines are placed into the earth, until the cork is pressed into the bottle our production is exclusively done by hand.


The essential component of wine is quality grape juice. It is therefore paramount that the juices of wine grapes are extracted in an efficient way while not sacrificing the quality of the grape. Depending on the type of wine produced as well as the conditions of the grape itself, vintners have a multitude of options to choose for grape juice extraction. We prefer an old world approach which undoubtedly you will taste in each glass.

Wine Pour

Wine Tasting

We are always happy to pour tastes of small-production bottles or a pre-released wine for an old or new friend (you’ll instantly be one). Often times Mr. Robinson will be offering a freshly prepared amuse-bouche to accompany your tasting.